Telefrag VR (PC)

Welcome to the Telefrag arena - VR is a hellishly dynamic multiplayer arena shooter with visceral movement and combat mechanics. Dash, shoot, teleport and enter the stage to fight in unique arenas, featuring impossible geometry, where there is no right side up and death comes from any direction.

Set in an alternative universe, where the Roman Empire never collapsed, you take on the role of a new breed of a gladiator on your road to becoming a champion. Use your speed, aim, and wits to outmaneuver and defeat your enemies, reducing them to a puddle beneath your feet.

Core Features
Loadout Management – Players have a chance to utilize different loadouts, comprised of weapons, throwable buffs/ de-buffs, shields and teleport methods. At any given time, the player has 3 active slots for combinations of those elements. Upon spawning, the player is prompted to choose a loadout they feel will help them dispose of the enemy the best way. The game allows for switching the player's primary hand.Teleport Attacks and telefrags – Teleport is contact weapons inflicting "Melee Damage" at the same time allowing the player to move through play space, thus adding an extra layer to the standard teleport mechanic used in VR.Guns – Guns are ranged weapons inflicting "Range Damage" upon the target. Features classic weapons types, such as Pistols, SMGs, Rifles or Grenade Launchers, as well as futuristic additions, like Plasma Cannons or the like.Shields – used mainly to block enemy Ranged Attacks, thus forcing the player to change their angle of attack or to try a different approach. Their downside is their vulnerability to teleport attacks.Dash – allows for short and fast jumps from place to place on a given surface. This is the primary mode of locomotion in Telefrag VR.Impossible spaces – Walkable surfaces can be placed regardless of gravity, meaning the player can travel on any designated surface regardless of its rotation and position relative to the “true” ground. This allows many angles of attacks and passages through play space, which means a fresh take on competitive level design.Arena Game Mode – a 1v1 gameplay mode, where the player enters with three previously selected loadouts. Players are matched against each other, their loadouts put as a wager for the outcome of the match. The winner may take the losers equipment. Both Player receive currency at the end of the match based on their score. The losing party can buy back their lost loadout. Currency multiplier is applied for each won match, effectively introducing a “win streak” mechanic.
Telefrag will feature a full arena game mode, where players stand head to head in 1v1 battles, their hard-earned loadouts as wagers. A best-of-five format determines the ultimate victor. Dare you enter the arena?

PvP matches will require a good knowledge of the arena in addition to a creative use of dashes and teleports to gain the upper hand in combat. But you may use the ability for more than just defense and evasion, hence the title, Telefrag. Tired of shooting or in the middle of reloading? No problem, teleport through your enemies to see them reduced to a pulp.

Block incoming shots with an energy shield and shoot your opponents with a range of firearms, from the staples of the genre to new and unique entries. But in order to outwit your enemies, you need to choose your loadouts carefully! Some may work better against your opponent, than others.


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Anshar Studios


Anshar Studios


Steam Oculus

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