Bladeline VR (PC)

About Bladeline VRBladeline VR is a game designed to make players enjoy powerful sword actions with exciting music.
The Players can use both hands actively to swing the sword along the blade lines and eliminate the enemies with a spectacular skills.
Enter the world of Bladeline VR and fight against evil humanoids.
Swing your sword accurately and use your skills to maintain kill combos.
But beware of the the Assassins. Assassins can kill a player in a single strike.
Kill the assassin before the assassin attacks you.
Purchase and customize a variety of new skills at skill shop and become more powerful. You can also
purchase cool looking swords at sword shop.
Get the best score, prove your performance and be the best swordsman ever!
Bladeline VR will update more contents and features!!!Features
● New approaches to traditional VR melee weapon actions.
● Skill customization system based on player’s game strategy. Player can also change skills at end of each phase.
● Exciting sounds and brilliant effects.
● Assassins and projectiles that give the player a variable situations. There are projectiles that give player damage and projectiles that heal.
● Challenge all around the world! Steam Leaderboard available!!CautionBefore first starting the game, make sure there is enough cleared space surrounding you, with no furniture or any other items around, which may cause injury whilst wearing the headset. Ensure all motion controllers are fully charged.


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