Lume - Alpha Release (PC)

Lume is a Data Translator. It is a VR platform to explore and collaborate around your 3D Data. It makes highly complex data quicker to understand, patterns easier to recognise and insights more compelling to present and share with everyone.

-Load up to 4M points seamlessly (GPU dependent) from universal .csv format
-Easy to navigate world (grab and teleport) - No motion sickness
-Control over the aesthetic output (Colour, Brightness, Point size)
-Manipulation of data dimensions into 3D
-Color data by filters
-Select and manipulate points in VR and export them back to .csv
-Ability to save scene's to .Lume files
-Measure and point
-Record videos of your points in VR (POV and Tracked movie)


Lume VR


Lume VR