Vascular Voyage (Android)

In this experience players can learn about avoiding cardiovascular health hazards and plaque build-up in the arteries as well as healthy cardiovascular practices.

The player pilots a micro-craft through a complex system of arteries as they learn about plaque build-up, artery disease and blood clots and ways to avoid them.
The gaming artery has 3 lanes which the player can travel down and move between to avoid or collect good and bad objects. Collecting these objects will affect the environment and player score. As the player encounters cardiovascular health hazards and representations of healthy practices throughout the game, their onboard crafts’ A.I will explain what the objects are and how they can affect one’s health.

The player can choose to have a hands-free experience where they will experience a full journey through the game with a computer controlled ship.

Now find your flow, your Vascular Voyage is about to begin!