Tabletop Basketball VR (PC)

Tabletop Basketball VR brings a basketball experience that you're use to, from the TV down to a virtual table. It's like having little toy basketball players come to life. The game features a semi-simulation style basketball game. The games are shorter than a normal basketball game to play a more action-oriented fast pace game that's a good fit for VR. We are focused on quick play and fast load times to get you into the action as fast as possible.

Game Features:

Tabletop Basketball Experience
Semi-realistic gameplay
Simplistic Controls for VR
Excellent announcer
1-Player Ranked and Practice modes
No micro transactions
Unique player attributes
Smart AI Technology
This has been a project in the making for several years and across various engines. It's a passion project and planned support determined by the communities commitment. If players are playing, we'll be updating!


RedZone Studios LLC