Combine War Toys (PC)

VR Game "Combine War Toys" is a Strategy-base game about toys fighting on the table . Using your hands , combining parts on the workspace to build complete toys , and then throw them to join the war . There are many kinds of toys and each of them havs different abilities . Throw them in the best way , defense our headquarter and destory enemy force to win the war .

Now this version has a basic full loop sigle stage for gameplay .
At now time , you can :
- Buy parts , combine parts into units .
- Throw finished units into table and make them to work .
- Units can combine with different turrets.
- You can also just throw parts to hit the emeny.
- Win by destroy red base tower , or lose if the blue base tower has destroied .

When the game finished , it will add STAGE MODE , that have 4+ stages , every stage have levels that bring different objective and challenges , during complete those stages , you will get more units that can use in ARCARD MODE .

Hint : The units will not only on the land , the war will changed in the feature !!!