Letzte Worte VR (PC)

Letzte Worte is an exploration game made for virtual reality that deals with the overcoming of the loss of a loved one.

FACE THE SHADOWS OF YOUR PASTAfter the death of your brother Leo, you find yourself trapped in a strange shattered world lost in fog. The memories of your past not only highlight the relationship between you and your brother, but also the strange events that may have led to his suicide. You have to face your deepest fears in order to come to terms with your loss.

Explore the shattered memories and piece them back together.
Closely examine your surroundings to gain more information about the characters and their stories.
Listen to all tapes and learn more about their common childhood.
Unravel the secret of the suppressed trauma hidden within.


Aventura indie


Letzte Worte



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Febrero 1, 2019

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