RIFF VR for Arcades (PC)

RIFF VR is a one of a kind music role playing experience. VR technology lets anyone become the guitarist, drummer, or singer of their own band. The RIFF VR band members will jam with the players thanks to motion capture by professional musicians.
With different environments to perform in, and a customize mode where people can create their very unique performing area, Riff VR can entertain your customers for extended periods of time!

- Experience RIFF VR’s guitar without any clunky accessory thanks to our exclusive technology
- Accessible! Your customers will be able to try our 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.
- Leaderboards! Who will be the best for each one of the songs?
- Each environment reacts to the player's skills as they get combos!
- Create your own Custom performance environments: Place, rotate, and scale objects, change the environment and the lighting, 3D paint and perform in your unique scene!
- Rocking to the original songs! We’re music industry friendly which means we license ALL of our music.
- More than 20 hits by legendary musicians to choose from such as Poison, Europe, KISS, Joe Walsh, 3 Doors Down, Fall out Boy, X Ambassadors, and more!

Riff VR has more coming for you and your arcade customers!


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