KameaVR (PC)

With the demands of the Digital Age upon us, it is no surprise that we are experiencing higher levels of stress in our bodies, mind and nervous system. These stresses can deplete our energy and often leave us feeling “zapped” and worn out. Yet, ancient systems of mind/body medicine from Yogic, Tibetan, and Chinese practices have incorporated the healing arts of chakras and meditation for thousands of years, and now you may experience it too... virtually.

Welcome to KameaVR. This virtual healing meditation experience will guide you into a mystical realm through the seven major energy centers of the human body, cleansing them with vibrant colors, chants, symbols, and healing sound currents.

With KameaVR you will experience a deep trance-like meditation taking you into a world of inner beauty and calm. This app aims to create a balanced flow of energy throughout your entire body. Each twenty minute meditation will lead you on a journey towards self-improvement, insight, healing, and regeneration.

Reach your highest self with KameaVR. Adventurous spirits required.

One mind. One Source. Infinite Possibilities.


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