No King No Kingdom VR (PC)

No King No Kingdom VR is a first person strategy for Oculus Rift, that allows you to feel the real power of royalty. Build your kingdom, raise a large army, become a King that travels to the different lands, fight with orcs and giant golems.

⬛ Build your own kingdom (build walls, towers and castles, gather resources, raise an army, research technologies)

⬛ Fight with hordes of mobs and powerful bosses.

⬛ Feel the unique experience in the controlling of fantasy creatures. (orcs, elves, little goblins, giant golems)

⬛ In Campaign Mode, expand your possessions by capturing villages and castles. Protect your kingdom from attacks.

⬛ Generate a unique world in sandbox mode.

⬛ Collect artifacts that have unique skills.


Fullmetal Developer



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Octubre 22, 2018

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