Fit It (PC)

“Fit It” is a virtual reality game where you have to fit through holes in walls that are moving towards you. Move in your game area and create shapes with your body as accurate as possible to the hole in the wall to earn as much points as you can. The more precise is the shape that you made the more points you will get.
Compete with your friends in local leaderboard or step in competition with other players around the world in “infinite” mode leaderboard.
“Fit It” has several games modes:
Limited number of differently cut out walls that you have to fit through.
3 difficulty modes: easy, medium, hard.
Same as classic mode but with infinite number of walls! If you are up for a challenge choose this mode.
Test your calculation knowledge, solve math equation and choose hole in the wall with a right answer. According to the chosen level you will have to add, subtract, multiply, or even find the “X” value.
3 difficulty modes: easy, medium, hard.
To fully experience all game features it is necessary to have 3 additional HTC Vive trackers (besides headset and controllers, attach 2 trackers to your feet and 1 to your waist).
You can play all “Fit It” game modes with 2 additional HTC Vive trackers although movement tracking will be less accurate.
“MATH” mode requires only a headset and 2 controllers!

○ More walls for each mode (weekly)
○ Different gameplay modes
○ Additional game area with new walls
○ More characters
○ Multi-player mode
○ Game community walls workshop
We are a small developer group (3 people and doge) and it is really important to reach you all. Please do write your observations and suggestions in community hub. We will get back to you and take notice on every opinion. It would mean a lot to us.


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