Rebound VR (PC)

Rebound VR is a fun and absorbing mix of racquetball and breakout-style game-play.

- 42 levels spread across 9 different arenas.
- 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Extreme.
- Each level played against the clock and with limited lives.
- Hours of game-play that tests your reactions and coordination.
- Extending bats help you reach balls outside your chaperone area.
- Tractor beam powerup to pull the ball towards you or give it a wee nudge.
- Autosaves so you can return to your game.
- Practise hall.
- Room scale recommended but can be played seated or standing only.

You don't need to wallop the ball - but you can if you like.
Just don't take your eye off the red one....


Rotech Digital Ltd