Everyday Baseball VR (PC)

Everyday Baseball VR is a VR baseball game which is based in real baseball play.

We've been continuously mulling over how to improve user convenience without losing realism so that people can easily play our game whether they are familiar with baseball or not

We provide several options for ensure player's personalities and conveniences. Player can enjoy the game with their own comfortable condition by adjusting game options such as graphic level, length of bat, location of batter's box etc..

Now, play a real baseball game in your home!

Game Mode
*Home run Derby Mode

Player Convenience
*Swing analysis: Timing, Angle, Driving distance etc.
*Graphic level option
*Length of bat option (*Require use of VIVE or OCULUS Tracker)
*Location of batter's box option

Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR






Steam Oculus