Chop It (PC)

Chop It is a VR rhythm game about chopping and punching your way to glorious funkadelic victory.

Chop the boards. Punch the cinder blocks. Use that body to get into the rhythm and karate everything into smithereens.
Turn quick. Gaze in awe as the Sensei launches himself around the Pagoda raining building materials on your head.

Included are 8 playable songs custom written for Chop It by Strange Handle AV. Import your own content and map songs manually, procedurally, or a mix of the two in the VR Mapping Station. One of the things that makes Chop It unique from other VR rhythm games is the use of true roomscale where the Sensei jumps and flies around the environment while throwing items at you that land to the beat.

We're talkin' local and global leaderboards
We're talkin' 360 degrees of rhythm game madness
We're talkin' punchin' and chopin' and swipin' and slicin'
We're talkin' you becoming karate
We're talkin' built-in mapping tools and algorithms for importing your own songs
We're talkin' Sensei with a sweet afro!
Chop It, baby! Giant Scam, baby! Alright!


Casual indie


Giant Scam Industries