Cute Girls 可爱的女孩 (PC)

Meet cute girls and dance with them to the cool songs. All this inside nice locations! Cute girls will let you feel presence of characters like they would be next to you. Prepare for the great party!

Three female friends, each completely different.

Mariko - she loves to go to the forest and dance there,

Kazuko - she loves to dance among flowers,

Sirimi - she likes to dance at home the most

All this girls was connected by passion to dancing,
they all love to dance together on the beach in the sunshine.

Join them and have fun dancing!

Experience amazing moments with GIRLS in Virtual Reality using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift!

- unique music
- unique location
- high quality anime models
- different types of dance
- Game designed for virtual reality with full support of roomscale