Every hint has led to disappointment. Every clue has brought you to a dead end. Your failure to find your brother and his expecting wife is starting to wear on you, and desperation begins to set in. Perhaps they took an unannounced vacation to the family cabin, the one where you spent your childhoods- the one deep in the woods, far flung from the comforts of civilization. As you approach your old haunt, you realise that something feels different about this place. You press on despite the strange charge in the air, despite the heavy shadows that seem to cling wetly to everything. Perhaps you will shed some light on the disappearance of your brother and his new family- perhaps this story won't end in tragedy.

Search through the cabin, woods, and other eerie places as you collect clues to solve clever puzzles and progress more deeply into the game. Your search for peace will immerse you in atmospheric environments inspired by ancient Egyption and Babylonian temples. Artificially intelligent monsters will randomly make startling appearances throughout this succinct, unsettling adventure. Horror fans will have fun finding random Easter eggs... if they aren't busy looking over their shoulders.

Gameplay length:
Gameplay will depend on how quickly puzzles are solved. Roughly average an hour to figure everything out.

Survival - It's an exploratory game with limited items to help you solve puzzles. Headphones will help you hear in the direction of
certain sounds and to aid in discovery. There are some random AI, so scares can happen at different times and there are ways to hide from and defeat obstacles.




Tom Adams Craig Burgess