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Imagine a future where chemistry and the nano world are no longer difficult to understand. Imagine having the ability to create your own molecules and atomic structures out of thin air or explore concepts like the structure of DNA. Ever wanted to see what medicine looks like at the molecular level? Now you can.

Nanome is transforming how we understand and interact with science. Through the Nanome Software we are creating a virtual world where people can experiment, design and learn at the nanoscale. Nanome is scientifically accurate and has been built over the years for pharmaceutical and chemical engineering companies.

In the Nanome Software you will have the ability to:
- Import molecular structures from online database such as RCSB Protein Databank.
- Manipulate molecular and nano structures by literally reaching out and grabbing, rotating, or enlarging the area of interest with your hands.
- Apply different representations to your selection of Atoms, Residues, Chains, or Proteins such as Stick, Wire, Ball & Stick, or Van der Waals.
- Measure distances and angles between atoms.
- Mutate amino acids and cycle through rotamer confirmations.
- Design small molecules by building with any element from the periodic table.
- Minimize manipulated molecules to fix bond lengths, angles, prevent clashes and provide a local energy
minimum conformation.
- Duplicate or Split any selected area of your structure to modify or export independently.
- Join a virtual reality session as a guest with or without virtual reality hardware using our 2D mode.
- Present and collaborate in the same virtual environment with colleagues and friends to learn, explore, and create.
- In-game camera to export images of your work

Download our application and experience the future of nanoengineering.

Stay tuned for the Matryx blockchain integration, coming later this year. Matryx allows you to track and secure ownership of your creations within Nanome. More information at

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