Evenness Sensory Room (PC)

The Evenness Sensory Room is designed to recreate a multi-sensory space as an environment where the primary senses are stimulated through the use of sensory based materials in virtual reality. They can provide a safe, non-threatening environment for anybody. Multi-sensory spaces may use the following equipment to calm or stimulate the senses: fibre optics, bubble tubes, sounds, colour, lava lamp and lighting all in virtual reality. Multi-sensory equipment is a vital and effective part in the treatment of sensory disorders with children and adults alike. A sensory space can be made to provide a range of sensory experiences, allows user control of the environment, and lets the individual have fun, irrespective of their behavioural, emotional, or physical needs. In doing so, they can help develop key life skills including vocalisation, gross motor skills, colour recognition and tracking.





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Agosto 3, 2018

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