Janus VR (Android)

JanusVR combines the power of the internet with the potential of virtual reality. Websites become immersive spaces linked by portals, where users can explore, collaborate and create content on a platform that builds upon the open internet. Immersive - The JanusVR client re-imagines internet browsing as an immersive experience, optimized for VR, AR and traditional 2D displays. JanusVR presently supports the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other devices. Collaborative - The JanusVR server enables user presence through customizable avatars for collaborative creation, chat, talk and interaction. Decentralized - JanusVR enriches current HTML websites using JanusVR Markup Language that can be hosted anywhere on the web. Websites are multi-dimensional immersive spaces interconnected to each other by portals. Community - The free and open immersive internet in JanusVR has a thriving community with an ever growing number of viewers, developers and websites. Join us!


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Janus VR



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