Battle Summoners VR Basic (PC)

"Battle Summoners" is a strategic duel card game for Virtual Reality.
Feel the real scaled creatures and experience the heat of the battlefield.
Discover new creatures and expand your card collection.In the basic version, only the Single "Basic mode" and "network PVP mode" can be played. To play more single modes and get cards, please purchase the full version. PlayGrab your crystal on your left hand and place in on the battlefield to summon the creature. Creatures battle automatically and will advance forward to destroy your enemy’s towers.
Check the enemy's creatures heading towards to you and decide your strategy. You are rewarded with game points when enemy towers are destroyed.creature CrystalsEvery creature crystal contains a real scale monster that can be summoned. When the monster is summoned, it will march forward to destroy the enemy troops and towers.magic CrystalsMagic crystal contains a certain type of useful magic. However, if all of your deck is filled with magic crystals, you are left with no troops that can defend your towers. Choose it Mode Single ModeThree difficulty settings for different skilled players are available. When you advance to more challenging levels, you are rewarded with more compelling creatures.

Network PVP Mode (Beta)you can battle against each other. Test your might against other summoners in the world! We encourage you to invite your friends together.


VoleR Creative


VoleR Creative