Wardens of the Amber Cage (PC)

Wardens of the Amber cage is a cooperative action dungeon crawler designed for both VR and flat screen play.

Become one of the heroic warmage's spirits who fed his soul to the mystical Amber Cage and swore to keep the horrors inside from reaching the reality.

Explore and claim back the cells: artificials world corrupted by the things they were supposed to contain
Fight hordes of fearsome opponents and their terrifying leaders
Challenge yourself with difficulty settings increasing pattern complexity
Recover and unleash antic spells from powerful elemental arsenals
Harvest the power of your ennemies to reawaken the Amber Cage
Unlock talent trees designed to progressively add variety to gameplay
Try our early alpha preview now !Gameplay
Wardens of the Amber Cage is a hardcore action oriented game for Virtual Reality experienced gamers.

Most of the available games on the market aim to be VR beginner friendly and that's a good thing. But it can be frustrating for action fans who own their headset for a while and don't suffer motion sickness anymore.

We hope to offer you the opportunity to have a traditionnal arcade FPS experience in Virtual Reality, and enjoy it with your friends, whenever they get their own headset yet.Controls
Currently developped for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, WOTAC support both native VR controllers and traditionnal Xbox360 controllers. Play either seated or in roomscale mode.

You can also play with a keybord and a mouse or a XBOX360 controller on a standard screen. We focus early efforts on VR gameplay but plan to offer a decent standard first-person shooter experience.


Gembasher Studio


Gembasher Studio