orbtrain VR pursuit race (PC)

Nothing can stop you. Anything that´s in your way, you are able to remove with a view. Seemingly completely confusing situations are under your entire control because of your dexterity. Thats the way you should feel, while you are chasing the orbtrain masterfully. The orbtrain will drag you through 15 thrilling roller coaster like tracks to provide you an stunning vr experience.

How to play:

-Chase the orbtrain and try to hit its last element.
-If you hit it, 1 to 3 three elements will be detached, collect them.
-You will reach the next of 15 levels, after you detachted all elements twice.
-Collect energy and ammunition.
-Avoid or shoot obstacles.
-If the orbtrain is too far away, the game will end.
-There is a time limit.


Henry Reckewitz


Henry Reckewitz



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Junio 14, 2018

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