Scutter (PC)

Scutter is a VR arcade-style platformer. While exploring the planet Cryla, an alien virus rains down potentially ending your mission. Fire, Roll and Fly your way through action-packed maps of increasing difficulty to collect energy crystals and teleport Scutter back home.

Free demo available!

Unique maps with increasing difficulty
Global Leaderboards for the fastest times
Fast paced shooting action with attacking virus
Teleport yourself around maps for best viewing angle
Maneuver your Scutter by rolling or flying like a drone
Acquire Powerups to help complete maps
Designed from the ground up as a VR gaming experience
Maps included: NÖØÖB, Opposites Attack, Blob Mob, Tower of Power, Revolution, Headbanger, Wavy Gravy, Antiparallel, Mind Over Matter, Go Ballistic, Yo Yo, Blockchain, Wall of Death, Pipe Dream and Walk the Plank


Afrosquared LLC


Afrosquared LLC