Apocalypse Mechanism (PC)

Its the age of revelations,
Mankind have emerged from its humble beginnings,
Secrets of nature are unlocked,
The tentacles of civilization is outreaching,
All is made possible with the use of one forbidden force,
The Soul Force.

And they came,
Enormous,Crul,Blocking the sun and riding the clouds.

Its the earth of Gods.
The tips of its wings touched, civilizations destroyed.
Destruction,Desolation,is this the end.

We are the survivors,
The Ark Fortress our citadel.
This is our last stand.
We became giants too in our armor,Soul Force its beating heart.
The last war shall begin.

Players can use their VR controllers directly to naturally control the arms of gigantic robots to destroy enemies ,block incoming projectiles, and perform complex gestures to unleash special powers.
Player’s armors are armed with multiple weapons designed to annihilate specific targets. Handguns are best used against small and agile enemies while auto-cannons rains death at medium range.
In the game,Player also can leave the Soul Force,and explore ,sneak and fight on the ground. There is an independent way of playing without gigantic robots.
Traditional action game controlling schemes are replaced by natural and intuitive VR controls that mirrors the player’s movements.


Mirage Interactive



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Junio 11, 2018

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