PortallerDemo (Android)

Zeldar’s planet used to live in peace and prosperity. But the insidious Carnagians found their way and decided to conquer the universe at any cost. They took the most important, the core of the life of your planet, which filled all flesh with energy.
All Zeldar’s inhabitants are keeping their last strength, thanks to the shields, which create the core artificially, pumping out energy from the nearest stars. But time is running out and the artificial core gradually die ...
The core must be urgently returned so that the inhabitants of the whole planet do not perish!
And you are the only one able to do itt! Miraculously, you managed to hack the enemy ship system! The portals are now open! But beware, the Carnagians are not going to back down! Return the life to your planet! Get to the portals of the ship’s main reactor and get the core! The future of Zeldar depends on you!


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