House of Languages VR: Playrooms (Android)

New features:

Advanced mode: disables hints and increases game difficulty.

New words: increases the number of words to learn for every mission.

Numbers and colors learning: new playrooms for learning numbers from 1 to 100 and all basic 15 colors.

Audio learning: learn and test your knowledge of more than 50 words in the new audio test playroom.

Main features: play all original House of Languages rooms to learn more than 300 words in English, German or Spanish in a form of amazing VR experience. House of Languages offers adults and kids friendly approach to learn foreign words in 12 different locations such as cinema, airport, school, restaurant, bathroom or kitchen. Additional mini games and quizzes make it easier to test your learning results and offer lots of fun both for younger and older players.

Download House of Languages: Playrooms and discover the new great way of learning!


Fox3D Entertainment OU