Magic Realm: Online (PC)

Closed alpha coming soon, stay tuned...You are not alone
Play online with up to 4 other people that can join anytime. The game scales based on the number of people playing which makes it easer to play the game the way it's meant to be played - in multiplayer.Unique characters
Play as one of distinct characters with unique abilities:
Wizard - master of elemental forces. Sunglasses included because casting shiny spells is bad for your eyes.
Gunslinger - dual wielding gunner. Has a hidden passion for exploding things which he doesn't hide very well.
Archer - master of bow and arrow. Firearms are overrated.Enemies mean business
Each enemy presents a dangerous foe - some of them will attack you, some of them will wait for your attacks to turn them against you and some of them will increase the morale of other enemies and significantly speed up the pace. Others are visceral flyers that aren't interested in the objective as much they're interested in destroying you.Endless waves
See how long you can hold out against the relentless invaders and compete for the top spot on the global leaderboard as waves get increasingly difficult.


ITC Studio


ITC Studio