Talos VR (PC)

After the difficulty in the exploitation of the petrochemical resources, the human beings developed the solar energy, and developed the solar engine--Helios and the robot based on this design--Phaethon. In order to deprive more of the ground to build solar energy mining devices, Mr.Kreimir creates an unprecedented tactical system - Talos, Talos can quickly imitate, learn and analyze the behavior of the opponent, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid occupation of resources, exploitation and protection. In order to compete for more resources and territories, conflicts broke out. Although the Convention did not use nuclear bombs during the war, all countries turned their Phaethon into semi-automatic military type and entered the war. The ongoing war led to Talos's internal artificial intelligence that wanted to keep a permanent guard and exploitation of the resources, so that human beings should be cleaned up, so Talos was constantly sending out robots--Golem, to destroy humans.





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