English Teaching Assistant VR (PC)

English Teaching Assistant VR is the world's first fully animated chat-bot in VR. It can keep up with conversations and accurately answer questions. It can dance, recite poetry, and even tell jokes. It is also able to make eye contact, and lip-sync.

This is a free tester software that has been developed to display and showcase our most recent successes with development. It is currently in development and will receive monthly updates and additions, such as new locations, new skins, and overall general changes. It will eventually be able to direct English language learning courses and programs, as well as play virtual games.

We welcome and encourage constructive feedback as we progress and grow.

During Early Access, this bot is only able to respond to English. As we continue to update, we will be releasing further language integrations. Please be patient with us during this time.


WASD - Move
CTRL - Push to talk
C - Crouch
Space - Jump
Shift - Run

HTC Controller:
Touchpad - Teleportation
Grip Buttons - Squeeze to talk

Thumbstick - Teleportation
Grip Buttons - click to talk

Microsoft Mixed Reality:
Thumbpad - Teleportation
Grip Buttons - Squeeze to talk

Before playing, please make sure you have speech services turned on. To turn speech services on, please follow the following instructions:
Windows settings --> Privacy --> Speech inking and typing --> turn on speech services

If you are not a native english speaker, we recommend turning on the following setting:
Windows settings --> Time and Language --> Speech --> turn on recognize non-native accents