Club Dance Party VR (PC)

- Club Dance Party is a three-dimensional rhythmical action game within VR environment.

Using the fun of classic rhythm action, you will be able to enjoy the club dance music whilst using the VR headset and dancing to the rhythm.

- Characteristic

◆ For those who are tired of work ‘Enjoy the exciting dance party within your home’

◆ Vivid and vibrant ‘three dimensional VR sound’

◆ Intuitive and simple game play control

◆ In realistic VR world providing various views to users

◆ With attractive partner ‘couple dance’ just for two of you.

◆ Dancing to the rhythm naturally feel the game through your body.

◆ Playing the game with excitement it provides ‘exercise and diet’!

◆ Heart racing, emotional and spectacular dance animations with your partner

◆ Gather a wide range of partner outfits and gestures while enjoying the game.


Studio Odin Inc.


Studio Odin Inc.