The Technician (PC)

The Technician is a VR action puzzle game about hacking your way through security systems. Usually while being shot at.

Break, hack, crack, solder, and logic your way through circuit puzzles. Careful, though; security is onto you and bypassing systems doesn't get any easier when you're ducking behind cover. Cross the wrong wire or flip the wrong switch and watchdogs in the circuitry will only make the armed response more aggressive.

Corporate security too easy? Then create your own puzzles and circuits with the in-game editor and challenge other techs to see if they can break your systems.FeaturesFrantic, under-pressure puzzle solving - You know that scene in every action movie where the gang is holding off all the bad guys while the hacker tries to open the door and get them all out? Well I hope so, because that's what I'm trying to do here.
Immersive, physics-based interactions - VR is fun and physical; just plugging cables and throwing switches can feel good, and boy do I ever have a lot of switches for you to throw.
In-game editor - Every puzzle in the game was made with the in-game editing tools, so you'll have access to almost everything I did when making your own. I'm sure you can show me how it's really done.
Morrre? - It’s early yet, and who knows where we’ll go from here. Hop into the forums and let me know what you think!


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