The Rig (PC)


You're Willard Pike, failing Mars-based travel agent, now sent to the far reaches of edge-space by your desperate sister-in-law. She's charged you with tracking down Dixon, your estranged, deadbeat brother. Dixon's last known whereabouts are the AMR Alexey Stakhanov -- a remote, ominous mining rig hitched to the side of a massive asteroid. But if you do find Dixon, if you stop him from running... what then? Do you bring back the man who ruined his family?

THE RIG is a story-driven, immersive VR ADVENTURE GAME where you try to unravel the chain of events leading up to the present-day by exploring a small space-freighter and solving conversations and environmental puzzles to find a way to resolve your family's deep-space drama.

  • Rich, old-fashioned detective storytelling over a century in the future.

  • Built for VR:
    Designed from the ground-up for a VR experience. Interact with objects and your surroundings in a realistic way, and try not to break anything. Pull levels and panels, command your spaceship, and communicate with a number of friendly or not-so-friendly characters, all without leaving your living room.

  • Story-centric puzzles:
    Outer space can be unforgiving, and you'll need to find creative solutions to get where you need to be. Sometimes the answer may be obvious and right in front of you, or sometimes you'll need to think a bit outside the box.

  • Fully voice-acted:
    Features a diverse cast of talented and professional voice actors for an immersive experience with branching, narrative dialog. Are you tough-as-nails, no time to argue? Or easy-going and just down on your luck? Optional subtitles can aid in the experience.


Aventura indie


Sunset Division


Sunset Division




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