Arrowborn (PC)

Arrowborn brings you the fast-paced and visceral action of a multiplayer first-person shooter and combines it with the immersive experience of virtual reality archery. Show your lethal accuracy and clever map tactics as you load your quiver full of deadly magical arrows and lay waste to the competition!

Select from an ever-expanding assortment of magical arrows each with their own unique way of wreaking havoc on your opponents and giving you the advantage. Attach a powerful gem to your armor to increase your survivability or boost your mana pool to unleash deadly barrages!

No teleporting here. Bound down hallways, fly along cliff sides, and leap over buildings all while keeping your eye on the target. Get those big point bonuses for sweet mid air shots! Once you land, feel the true immersion VR brings as you step into cover behind a nearby pillar, wall, or railing. Use your room space to maneuver and make those incoming arrows miss! Go defensive and put up your shield to block the incoming barrage for bonus points!

Sling on your quiver and steady your aim to experience the action-shooter genre from a whole new virtual perspective. Use your aiming skills to outshoot and outmaneuver the competition in a variety of game modes! Drop into a Free-For-All for a 4 player shootout just like old school shooters, or queue up for a matched Duel and climb the ranks in 1v1 battles.

Is the raw action too chaotic for you? Try TopShot mode for an accuracy-focused target shooting competition and climb the leaderboard with your sharpened aim. Or try a good old-fashion Wave Defense and cooperatively blitz the waves of oncoming monsters, watch the bones and bodies fly as you wipe them out with up to 4 friends.


Kung Fu Robots LLC