DrillsVR (PC)

Bored of generic fps games? Tired of linear action?

Come and join our community practical shooters in a groundbreaking game! We offer a VR experience for shooters to feel immersed among different competitive shooting sports (IPSC, 3gun, etc) with regular stage updates and competitions, we offer a one of a kind competitive shooting experience in the comfort of your home! If shooting fast isn’t your cup of tea, in future releases, we also offer different tactical training simulation to help your consistency in executing drills in the real range! Want to compete with top shooters around the world without costing an arm and a leg, Drills is the ultimate solution!

With data from real firearms and stages, Drills is the first VR competitive shooting simulator where we dare to merge reality with virtual reality. Competing among the best across the world and practicing for a cost of a dime, we offer a shooting simulation like nothing else

Free to play
You will have access to 20+ stages for free in the initial release. More free stages will be added to the online database regularly. Feel free to throw us with stage ideas and we can incorporate into the game.


Team B Laboratory