Lordian: Karma (PC)

The war of six tribes that destroyed the continent of Lordian ended with only destructive damage to all.
The balance of power has collapsed and created a massive rift inside a barrier dimension where the mad tyrant "The Emperor", an ancient god was sent to exile.
It took a very long time for The Emperor, who had been slowly recovering his strength to find the rift.
At the end, The Emperor commanded his troops to split open more and more rifts and started cross over into Lordian.

You are the first alchemist hero who arrived in this mythical world after the aftermath of Millennial War between The Emperor and the six tribes.
Your mission is to defeat the resurrected tyrant and rebuild the shattered land of Lordian.

Destroy waves of monsters with your powerful magic crossbow and alchemical traps.
Freeze, blow, trample, even burn your enemies with various traps available.
From extreme difficulty which can only be experienced through multiplayer to various stages of difficulties for single player.
Test your skill and challenge your limits in the highest quality action defense VR games, Lordian: Karma.Key FeaturesHighest quality VR graphic. Brilliant effects and fantastic modeling using Unreal Engine.
Multiplayer - Challenge the most difficult level of the game with you friend. Up to 2 players.
3 single stages and 4 multi stages. Different level designs require different strategies.
Maximize effects of virtual reality and provide various realistic environment, such as snow, underground, and heavy rains.
10 different kinds of monsters. Kobold, Gargoyle, Ogre and many more.
8 diverse and effective traps such as Bomb Barrel, Claymore, Mighty Stamper and more.
Score system and Leaderboard. Compete with other players and earn the Best Slaughterer title!







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