LIZ: Before the Plague (PC)

SummaryLiz: Before the Plague is a VR horror immersive experience with investigative and action gameplay dynamics and a narrative driven story. One night, in a near future, a detective from special investigation Unit named Liz has to face a strange case that seems a common one... but it’s not. She has to respond to a distress call from a famous pharmaceutical company and investigate, collecting info, and survive using her own tools.
Figure out what happened and resolve the case.Narrative OverviewIt is late night and Liz, a special agent, is called to intervene in a pharmaceutical company where two colleagues of her, were brought some hour before in answer to a call of help.
Once arrived on the place Liz understands that the atmosphere is unusual and there is no trace of her colleagues.
Will Liz manage to find out who called for help?
How will you survive the night?Key FeaturesImmersion
Everything inside LIZ has been studied in order to improve player’s immersion. Nothing in the game makes the player think what he’s seeing is not real:
The main character’s body is visible in-game and follows the player’s movements where possible
All the UI is located on the character’s gear
The environment is enclosed and NPCs refer directly to the playerNarration
The main focus of the LIZ experience orbits around the events occurred in the building where the main character is called to investigate. The narration happens both through a support drone, helping Liz in different ways, and dialogues with NPCs. An innovative system allows to maintain immersion and allow cinematic sequences in VR.
While Liz investigates on location, she is attacked by the people working there. The threats must be managed with the utmost firmness to avoid compromising the mission. Violence must be contained in order to complete the mission. Liz has a weapon supplied, a handgun, and she will use it to defend herself.
Sometimes It’s not so easy to get rid of threats: sometimes you have to cover a wounded ally or escort a survivor and you’re not the only one to defend.


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