Simmetri (PC)

Simmetri is serious about imagination. It's a creative playground and toolbox for building interactive 3D experiences for VR and screens. It's powerful enough for professional VJ's playing to stadium audiences and interactive visual artists working on high-profile exhibitions, yet accessible enough for curious students and educators. It combines the tweaking and editing capabilities of multi-media creative software, the interactivity-design of game-builders and the play-ability of a sandbox game.

Quickly create interactive VJ sets, VR experiences, immersive music videos, games and more.
Jump right in with our interactive tutorial and learning system and browse and remix a world of 3D and VR content shared by other creators to the Steam workshop.
Go deep with hundreds of tweak-able properties and complete scripting capabilities, compose immersive music videos with the timeline feature, audio waveform signals, pulse-based programming and more.
Play and experiment using physics and in-built toys without coding.
Export your creations directly via the Steam workshop or as your own application (.exe)
We're excited to interact directly with 'Early Access' creators as they share their vision for Simmetri and help us shape the future of the software.Content Features: Interactive tutorial and learning system to get you creating right away.
Instantly browse and play Simmetri shows from creators around the world.
Instantly share your Simmetri shows to millions of other Steam usersCreativity Features: Model with numerous geometries, mesh modifiers. Fusing and mesh-editing options.
Import 3D models (including Google Blocks, Tiltbrush and Quill, Paint 3D, Tinker CAD)
Real-time physics with soft bodies and ropes. Control gravity, slow down or speed up time, or add constant forces to individual objects.
Physics tools like impulse emitters, hinges and other constraints.
Spatial audio system, in-world sounds and soundtracks.
Large-scale terrain modeling
Realistic sky and oceans, distant horizon spaces and skybox support
Control looks with materials, lights, particle emitters and environmental effects like fog and haze.
A full camera system w/ lens models and image filters. Quickly create multiple camera setups.
Flexible, extendable UI. Use the Simmetri Steam workshop to find more tools, toys and interactive tutorials.Animation Features: Timelines allow you to keytrack hundreds of object properties.
Live-record object movements for replay.
Package up animations with "Unit+Timeline": allows you to trigger them when you want, or clone them hundreds of times over.
Signals: sine-waves signals, easing signals control properties
Audio-reactive signals connect music to properties or actions you want.
Script-tracks: allow timelines to control exactly when scripts fire and events happen. Interactivity Features: Tools to quickly make objects interactive, so you can interact with them in VR, for instance
Simple LUA scripting for adding complex interactivity with drag-and-drop support for accessing objects in script quickly
Pre-built interactive actors for quickly creating cars, helicopters, rolling objects and characters.
Game controller, mouse and keyboard-driven player controls.
MIDI, OSC controllability. VR: VIVE
Windows Mixed Reality headsetsImport: Import your 3D objects: OBJ, DAE, FBX, and dozens of other supported file formats.
Import and work instantly with your creations from Google Blocks and Tiltbrush
2D images / textures: (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF)
Sounds/soundtracks: (WAV, MP3, OGG) Export: Share to Steam Users via the Simmetri Steam Workshop "File > Share":
"Export as Application": packages your Simmetri show (aka: "universe") as a standalone folder containing the Simmetri Player and a show executable file.
Share out numerous video options (see "output" below)Input: MIDI input support
OSC input/output support
Spout input: Works with your favorite VJ or broadcast toolOutput: Spout output: to work with your favorite VJ or broadcast tool
Works for both VR and non-VR (screen/projector) setups
OBS stream out or use dozens of other screen cap / steaming.
Set arbitrary video output formats / resolutions beyond 4K.
DomeMaster format
Red/blue 3D glasses output
360 video output (dev mode)


Simmetri, Inc.


Simmetri, Inc.