You are a savanna's National Park Ranger!
With nature-rich savannah, you must drive a 4WD off-road car and use an anesthetic gun to manage the ecology of animals!

Many animals live in the vast savanna.
Carnivores ... I am scared. It barks and attacks us. But do not shoot at animal's head!
You are a Park Ranger on a friend of justice!

If you look around, many animals run around freely and you will come across a group of zebras and hunting of the lions.
Savanna has its sunny, rainy, sunset, night, rocky, forested, with pond ...! !
Now ... Let's face the world of vast Savannah with abundant nature! !

≪Game introduction≫

● It is a super wild VR game that drive a car and move closer to the animals living in the savanna, let capture with an anesthesia gun.

● Carnivores will attack what they invade into their territory!
● Use the scope of anesthetic gun, if you aim an animal from a remote place, it is safe without stimulating the animals.
● Bullets should never be hit to the heads of animals! Because? You can understand it by playing the game.

«Mode introduction»

■Mission mode
The purpose is to capture specific animals!
All 12 missions!

■Free mode
Let's catch as many animals as possible in time!
Aim for high score!

«Experiential Impressions»

· It really seems to be in savannah, to be healed even just watching animals.

· Driving an off road car and looking for animals is fun!
· Hunting mood with a gun with scope, the best! ! !


Acción Casual indie








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