This VR version of the game ICED, we have tried to make the highest quality immersion in the world of our game.

Recommendations for the game in ICED VR:

- the game has a software body reversal. That would be in the tent you feel more comfortable, prepare a chair(a chair need when you go into the tent that would sit down)
- sometimes the items have no logical use
- pay attention to find loot. Usually it is visible, or the snow above it looks different, dented

The main aim is to survive until a chopper with the rescue team arrives.

The gameplay: the player shall monitor the health indices; look for the items like food, water, medications, burner gas in the possessions other fishermen left behind. These items will help him last for another several hours.

The player’s dreams will feature the challenges, determining his spirit and state of mind. The worse the latter are, the tougher it is for the player to survive, while the challenges will become more and more complicated.

The events unfold in the abnormal weather conditions, the temperature can drop unexpectedly, putting the protagonist’s life at risk – if he is far from the tent, it would be difficult to come back in poor visibility conditions and survive the extreme cold.