Mystery Lands (PC)

In Mystery Lands, you put your matching skills to the test as you travel to different islands to eliminate a chain of three or more balls of the same color.

Aim well, climb small hills or other objects to find a comfortable position, and shoot! Blow up the balls before they reach the crystals. The more crystals you save, the better your result will be.

When the necessary number of crystals is collected, you can continue your adventure on another island with the breathtaking scenery and compelling mysteries.
Use different types of bonuses: fireballs, chameleon balls, freezing and reverse technologies to show the best result and get off the mystical island.

Complete the levels of varying complexity – from beginner to professional or just explore the islands and admire the scenery!
Are you ready for adventures? Do you want to realize what you are capable of?

Use your chance, explore all locations, and unravel all the mysteries of Mystery Lands!


Acción Casual


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