Oneirogen (PC)

Please Note: This is not a traditional game. This is a re-playable 20-30 min room scale experience with gameplay elements.

Originally an MFA Art thesis, Oneirogen is a dreamlike circular journey through the depths of the developer's subconscious. Inspired by the writings of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, this surreal experience was made for room scale VR from the ground up. Flow from one interactive environment to the next as you experience a magical trip through mysterious realms.

“An oneirogen, from the Greek ὄνειρος óneiros meaning "dream" and gen "to create", is that which produces or enhances dream-like states of consciousness. This is characterized by an immersive dream state similar to REM sleep, which can range from realistic to alien or abstract.” -Wikipedia

2 modes: Journey and Single Room
14 interactive environments
Spend as long as you like in each one.
No deaths, timers, or scores.
No killing or intense violence
Intuitive Design (children and grandparents can pick up and play)
No UI or menus.
Find the 4 hidden tokens to unlock quick-start single rooms that feature:

Fetch with a wolf
Cosmic Badminton
Built with a 3mx3m space in mind. Limited smooth locomotion is included for smaller room scale spaces (press left thumbstick down).
No Teleportation.

"Truly Transformative"
"Psychedelic and cathartic"

Trailer music by Nicholas Andrew Sadler


Wolf & Bear


Wolf & Bear