VR Scape (PC)

VR Scape is a semi-open world RPG aimed for putting you right on the medieval battlefield. Work your way up from a lowly village peasant to one of the mightiest warriors in the land and one of the last remaining spellcasters. Fight the hordes of Goblins, Orcs, necromancers, and skeletons. How do you want to fight? With a sword, two swords, a giant sword? Or how about a staff, using magic unlike any other? Or perhaps the ever classic bow and arrow, fighting enemies from afar before they have the chance to hurt you? The choice is yours. It is your destiny to clear these monsters from the land and claim victory!

6 large zones to explore and fight your way through, including areas such as deserts and mountainous regions
Over 140 quests to complete, fitted with rewards to suit your combat needs
Multiple skills to level up including woodcutting, mining, and cooking
Over 200 items to find and use around the world
Multiple combat types including melee, magic, and ranged
Two locomotion options: teleportation and touchpad walking


David Dimond


David Dimond