Escape The Gray (PC)

Virtual reality? Check. Rooms with puzzles? Check. A homicidal sentient robot that entices you to continue with the promise of fictional desserts? … No, actually. We don’t have that.
Escape the Gray is a VR exclusive room-escape game. Each room’s puzzle is unique. The number of rooms and their order is randomized with each play through. Get to the end? Play again and find something new. Stuck in a room? Play Drop the Candle*, our free mini-game, when you get frustrated. Or just throw stuff and make a mess. That might help.

Did you find all the rooms? No problem, new ones will be coming soon, along with achievements.

*Drop the Candle mini-game is just dropping a candle on the floor or table. It's not a real mini-game. It's not related to any puzzles. It will not help you... or will it?


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Junio 1, 2017

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