Lathe Safety Simulator (PC)

Lathe Safety Simulator VR

Play Lathe Safety Simulator and learn how to operate an industrial lathe.

Follow the tutorials to identify all the major lathe parts and related tools.

During this process, you learn all about the lathe including how to turn a work piece using a range of drills and cutting tools.

Finally, you can undertake missions using templates and scan/save your work.

There are five complete sections and a robot tutor who guides you as you learn. The levels include :

• Lathe Overview: Identify and explain the different lathe parts and tools
• Lathe safety: Guided tour of how to use the lathe safely
• Turn a work piece: Machine a work piece and learn to use the lathe practically including how to safely clean the lathe
• Missions: Select a template then make and save it

Get feedback on your progress at the end of each level.

The Lathe Safety Simulator game is for entertainment only.
Please ensure all Health and Safety procedures are adhered to when using real tools and equipment.

IMPORTANT: No liability is accepted for incorrect use of product or real equipment.


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Alexis Baron