Disco Destruction (PC)

About the game:
Step behind the decks of a derelict Miami disco, be the DJ and play music according to your customers' mood. Earn money, buy upgrades and take your score even higher!

Disco Destruction: Early Access, is our first experiment in making a fun and accessible game, built specifically for VR.

With the color coded discs-and-moods system, we distill what makes DJing fun, while keeping it simple, in the spirit of classic time management games.

In this extended Alpha phase, we test core ideas and game mechanics while gathering feedback on what works best.

Currently, Disco Destruction is a relatively short experience. But stay tuned: we're working on a bigger one, with deeper gameplay mechanics, a supporting story and much more polish.

And remember: Never let the music stop!Things you can do in the game:Play music using your virtual vinyls (and scratch!)
Make money - and compete for a high-score
Buy upgrades like air-horns and microphones
Break things
Enjoy getting "things" thrown at you
Pretend you're a real DJ
Steam Achievements!