Avem33 (PC)

Its all about the high score, can you beat it?

This is an arcade style flying game, which takes you through a path into an endless city. Your goal is to follow the trail as much as possible, but it's not possible to follow it all the time so don't get greedy. The longer you stay alive, the more points you will get.RulesFollow the trail of the markers as they will give you more points.
You'll get a streak bonus when you collect many of the markers in a row.
Beware of crashing into the buildings, if you do your race is over.Key featuresSelect between VR mode or normal screen mode.
Select between a number of ships. They are there for visual pleasure but have the same characteristics.
The track will be more difficult the longer you stay alive thus the high score will be harder to beat every time.
Don't let the ever shifting ambient and sometimes eerie skies fool you, they are there to distract you from...well....beating the record!Go for it!







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