VR Fitness (PC)

■About this game
Enjoy moving your body with VR!
Beat the enemies coming one after another with your flying slash!
Use your body fully to swing the controller with all your strength to let out a strong attack!
You only need to swing the controller to operate the game during the gameplay! Use your whole body from top to bottom to let out a flashy action!
When you finished playing, the calories used will be displayed. Have an enjoyable fitness with this game!■How to play
・Send a slash attack by swinging the sword.
・The strength of the slash is determined by the strength you used to swing the sword
・Defeat all enemies without letting a single one get close within the time limit.
・Stab the sword to the ground deeply, then raise it vigorously to let out a strong piercing attack to the enemy.
・Raise the shield above your head to deploy a barrier that will temporarily make the enemies falter. However, this barrier can only be used once every five seconds.
・Your score will be determined by the number of enemies you defeat and the amount of exercise you do. Stronger enemies give higher score.
Conversely, if an enemy managed to get in, your score will decrease considerably, be cautious!
・Press the trigger to display a radar that will show the enemies' position. Watch out for enemies from the back too!


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Agosto 6, 2017

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