TimeToDie (PC)

You regain your consciousness after falling into a hole on the ground. Your only way out is through the cave. You will have to explore the cave and fight your way through waves of people less fortunate than you. White exploring you will learn the story of the place and maybe if you are lucky enough find enough equipment to survive and loot to plunder.features:Old school dungeon crawling, no minimap. You will have to make an effort to remember where you came from.
Procedurally generated dungeons allow the player to experience the game differently with each playthrough.
Epic boss fights for you to figure out, survive and overcome.
Special loot drops that will make you stronger on your subsequent runs.
Online ladder to compare your times with that of your friends and the rest of the player base.
Intense Atmosphere.


Solo Grind


Solo Grind



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Agosto 8, 2017

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