Hell Dimension VR (PC)

Hell Dimension VR is an arcade-style horror FPS game.
Escape from your city devastated by mysterious monsters!

Hell Dimension VR enables you to try various weapons by using points obtained from gameplay. Try out pistols, shotguns, melee weapons, and even a shield! Two-handed weapons are especially entertaining with their stylish and exciting gameplay that can’t be found in any other FPS games.

Too scary? Play with other players! Through real-time multi-play, you can enjoy the game with other players. Play with your friends and achieve the highest score!

Hell Dimension VR provides Survival mode as well as an intense Challenge mode.
Are you done with Survival mode? Wow, great job! Now, try out Challenge mode and compete against players around world!Main FeaturesSurvive by killing monsters running toward you!!
Use and master various weapons purchased by collecting points!!
Show off your skills with two-handed weapons!!
Play with others through multiplayer mode!!
Challenge yourself by surviving in Survival mode!!
Become No.1 on the monthly leaderboard!!
Unlock all of the exciting achievements!!


Subdream Studios


Third Door Studio