Crypt Hunter (PC)

Crypt Hunter is a VR action roguelike dungeon crawl imagined in voxels.

This is the game we wanted to play in VR. We want to be in the roguelike as the main char and see what is happening through our eyes. We think that people like you share this desire and VR has made it completely possible. Join us as a Crypt Hunter, adventure and glory await.

Become the adventurer, tempt fate and possibly die horribly while seeking riches and fame. Search hidden dungeons and caves for legendary items while defeating the denizens protecting it. The adventure is endless, the places you visit will be different every time, surprise and danger at every turn.

Fast Paced Action Oriented Gameplay.
Permadeath, you only get one chance at this, make the best of it.
Loot, weapons, powerups.
Original voxel and low poly artwork.
Quest system, there are reasons to go into those dungeons other than random loot!
Every dungeon is different. Unlock dungeons with progression.
Dungeons of different lengths and depths, you choose how long and difficult a journey you want.


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Septiembre 14, 2017

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